Ucla Vendor Agreement List

Click on the contract number of the selected customer to verify the details of the contract, including the contact information of the supplier and the UCLA buyer who is responsible for the agreement. The BC unit reviews and manages revenue generation agreements that, on behalf of the University of California Regents (UC Regents), generate net revenue (after expenses) for UCLA. Our goal is to provide a value-added service that meets your department`s schedules and objectives. If you have any questions after checking the supplier`s self-service site, please contact us. NOTE: If your contract is not considered a business contract, BC works with the relevant services to transfer the requirement. Contact the Kreditor to describe the extent of the work and request a written offer. Upcoming events for potential and established suppliers. OUR MISSION: Support UCLA`s revenue agreement with the best product or service for the customer, while respecting public trust and respecting the public policy objectives of the UC system. Standard independent consultant agreement and A110 complement (by OMB Circ. A-110) The Business Contracts Matrix clarifies the differences between a sales and service contract and a revenue-generating (business) contract.

The main objective of the UCLA purchasing division is to obtain quality, value and maximum service for the money spent, in accordance with ethical business practices. We recognize the important services of our suppliers that help us meet economic and efficient requirements. Unlicensed borrowers who are not on the list of credit contracts are considered unauthorized borrowers. These providers may not have the history of service at the university. If you use an unauthorized creditor, meet the following requirements. If the supplier`s self-service site indicates that a cheque has been issued but you have not received the cheque for two weeks, you can submit a stop payment form to have a cheque re-equipped. For more information, see How to stop payments and cancel checks in related information. Approved Creditors Your order to advertise to a uCLA-approved creditor must be reserved for BruinBuy. You don`t have to go through the campus purchasing department.

Run these steps to order advertising services and find links to vendors that have agreements with UCLA. Orders funded by federal grants/cooperation agreements. Subawards, by the Office of Contracts and Grants Admin. (OCGA), the self-service site of the corporate accounting provider allows creditors to check the status of their invoices, track payment status and validate order numbers. Contact information is also provided to allow creditors to pay invoices that are set aside or have an incomplete status (I). Choose an ad from the Vendor Agreements list in the Advertising, Journal or Advertising – Creative Services category. The list of contracts indicates approved credits that have a permanent contract with the university. UCLA`s P2P Savings Program was born out of the challenge of Peter Taylor, UC`s CFO, to achieve annual savings of $200 million by the GJ17. Savings will be achieved through the use of system-wide agreements and savings on the ground.