Roommate Agreement Meme

Most importantly, don`t worry about being yourself: your lobby should be a place where you can feel comfortable. When you communicate with your roommate, you don`t feel like you should be afraid to know who you are or how you feel. If you are not satisfied with the way something is going on in your community, in the inseula or in your room, please know that there are people who support you and help them find solutions. As always, Lake Forest College is full of wonderful resources and people who are there to help you when you need it. Be adaptive/communicate: If you live with another person for the first time, be prepared to compromise. One of the first tasks you and your roommate should do is the employment agreement form. Talk about the expectations and rules you want to see followed. It is important that you all get this conversation going as fast as possible. It`s really going to pay off. Girls you were pregnant until today. No one is yours. My name is Yesenia Uribe, and I am a junior major in neuroscience and pre-medicine. As a current resident assistant, I wanted to share some tips and advice on campus life that I learned during my time at Lake Forest College.

Justin Bieber says he`s the Kurt Cobain of his generation, we all know how this ends Wearing laundry laundry to the bedroom without a broken sock sock hot co-worker pulls shirt and just leaves short on Don`t be afraid to get close to your resident assistant. They are there for YOU!: They go through training so they can learn how to help you the best they can. Please know one of the reasons why assistant residents choose to become one because they are eager to lead other foresters. Resident assistants are equipped with skills that can help in times of transition and change. They are also there to listen to you! If they don`t have answers, I promise they`ll think about who they can associate with them. Should you keep a child all the time, pay to pet a cat Go to programs that your resident assistants have developed for your residence hall: Assistant residents meet with their guiding residence and think of creative and inclusive opportunities for residents.