South Coast Medical Service Aboriginal Corporation Enterprise Agreement

If a job has a registered contract, the premium does not apply. However: Project or company name: South Coast Aboriginal Holistic Healing Service (AHHS). Decomposed by South Coast Medical Service Aboriginal Corporation (SCMSAC)

Business History: Substance Abuse Prevention: Education and Training/Workforce Development for South Coast Families and Communities NSW

Location: Nowra NSW
Contact: Craig Ardler CEO SCMSAC
Address: PO Box 548 Nowra NSW 25 41
.: 02. 4428 6629 Mobil: 0411 0966 16
Contact: Marilyn Pittman Service Manager AHHS
Address: 52a Worrigee St (PO Box 1163) Nowra NSW 2541
phone: 20. 4422 3577 Mobile: 0404 87 8647
Fly the Kuku Yalanji Trading Floor

Create an Aboriginal non-profit company: Registered Training Organisation, which offers accredited training and training primarily for Aboriginal people on the south coast of NSW (from La Perouse to the Victorian border).

p> education/training/workforce development would be proposed in the area of drug prevention and related areas such as tutoring, consulting skills, local and business development, computer skills, training of Aboriginal health workers, Aboriginal art and culture, workplace training and evaluation, family history and connections, intercultural education and skills. The activity would be maintained financially by providing specialized training to the non-Aboriginal community and using available public training grants.

At the end of the year, the investment will be used to entrust a consultant (more than two years) with the development and implementation of a business plan for the implementation of the OTN. The consultant would work closely with the staff of SCMSAC and AHHS to develop this proposal and report to the CEO of the SCMSAC when the company was created.

The RTO would be an independent company accountable to a selected management board, with a charter that provides services tailored to the development of self-determination of Aboriginal families and communities along the South Coast NSW.

A number of organizations have attempted to develop some aspects of Aboriginal training on the south coast.

However, the challenge is also to move from a publicly funded service to an independent Aboriginal enterprise.

The strength of this proposal is that it would be under the autonomous administration of the South Coast Aboriginal people of NSW and would not be responsible for external influences, including government, except to meet all the legal and standard requirements of an effective enterprise. The company would do its own thing through the outsourcing of educational packages and training and evaluation in the workplace.

Acgoing staff at SCMSAC and AHHS are Aboriginal people with extensive training and higher education qualifications in the areas of workplace training and assessment, substance abuse education and prevention, community development, adult education and basic health care

. The company will employ 1 consultant to develop and implement the RTO business plan. This consultant would work closely with DenSAC/AHHS employees to expand the business and employment opportunities for Aboriginal people in the company.

The Fair Work Commission can also help employers and workers who negotiate with its „New Approaches“ program.